Group Walks $35/ hour

Individual Walks $55 / hour



Puppy and Adult training   Aggression/Fear/Anxiety issues

Individual $ 100 / hour

Groups $60/ hour (Maximum 2 people in the group)


Massage and Oil Therapy: 

Holistic massage with specifically formulated oil for stress and fear issues with beautiful results

Massage: $60 /hour

  • Oils sold separately

Swim & Wash:

Swim therapy (inc. rinse down) $50 – ½ Day

Pet taxi $25 /  hour

Full day care $60 / day



2- Printed portrait shots $75

2 – Printed running / moving shots $100

  • Socialising: It is important for all dogs to start at a young age to be socialised. Keeping your dog in your back yard for long periods of time is not  beneficial to its mental health. Let us take your pet and let them explore and meet new friends.
  • Walking: Dog Walk n Talk offers group walks and individual walks depending on your requirements.
  • Character Assessment: Do you have a problematic dog? We would like to work with you and your pet to try and neutralise the issue. From hyperactivity, fear, anxiety or even aggression, we would like to give you a hand!
  • Dog Boarding: In house boarding in loving pack enviroment in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.
  • Training: Individual or group sessions depending on requirement.
  • Massage and Oil Therapy: Holistic massage with specifically formulated oils for anxiety and nervous tensions. Every dog enjoys this experience and great, lasting results are achieved. OILS SOLD SEPARATELY